tHe misUnderst00d

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Few animals are more maligned than the hyena. And admittedly, they are not exactly endearing creatures. The beady eyes, sloping back, and stolid manner all suggest something scruffy and villainous to many human observers. Besides, the hyena laughs and giggles like a maniac. Its eerie whoop often pierces the quite of the African night. But hyenas have received more than their fair share of negative publicity. So let's set the records straight on a few counts. First of all, the hyena is often thought of a dog or some sort, but no, it isn't. A distinct species, it's resemblance to the dog is purely superficial.

They are also thought of as cowards, on the contrary they are not. If so then they wouldn't be effective hunters. Yes, hyenas are not just scavengers. They have in fact the exceptionally powerful shoulders and strongest jaws of all the African carnivores. No wonder only the male lion could resist the onslaught of a group of hyenas.

But why does it laugh??? The hyenas manic giggle may sound unpleasant but he is merely communicating with his fellow clan member. Each has their own whoop which the other hyenas recognized. In this way, widely scattered clan members let one another know where they so that they can regroup if the need arise. Their excitement at making a kill or discovering carrion is voiced in high-pitched giggles.

Do you dislike the hyena? Granted it is not cuddly or appealing but after all, it's what makes this creature unique and exceptional. The hyenas other qualities such as power and cunning does impress and fascinates us, they truly are beautiful souls.

the Voca People

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beautiful music from beautiful souls

I found this really cool video while browsing thru mah friend's page in FB. Let me share it here. Their music is magic and their talent is undeniable, though they look kinda creepy I think, lol! Enough said, just sit back & relax, listen and be amaze!

The Voca People are 8 friendly aliens from the planet Voca, a musical planet that has no verbal communication but use vocal expressions only. They have heard the music from earth for decades now and with their imitation abilities they have decided to pay a one evening tribute to humanity and to perform the songs they love as musical- gratitude.

The Voca People is an ensemble of 8 talented musician-actors; 3 female singers that bring the very best female sounds (alt, mezzo, soprano) and 3 male singers (bass, baritone, tenor. In addition there are 2 beat box artists that create extraordinary human beat box sounds and are considered to be the best performers in their field.

This innovative performance is one of the only acts in the world that combines singers and beat box performers to bring an entire orchestra without any musical instruments.
This unique comical and theatrical framework and the mega mixes they bring to the stage - distinguish them from other vocal groups.

click here to see more of them