Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Thursday once again, time for another Girl's talk meme. Today I'll be posting it here in my second home, just for a change lol!

So what do we have for this week? Oh boi, it's all about chocolates! Those guilty pleasures we couldn't resist. God knows how much I love sweets & tsokolate. And I don't care even if my tonsils complain, dang tonsils...behave!!! LOL!

... with eyes drooling, I'll fight for the love of my life... TOBLERONE! (do I need to explain why?)

... and how can I say no to the heavenly taste of CREAM O??? Yay! Life is soooo finger-lickin good because of these treats. Yumyumyum!!!

grrrrr...!!! now who's craving???

tHe misUnderst00d

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Few animals are more maligned than the hyena. And admittedly, they are not exactly endearing creatures. The beady eyes, sloping back, and stolid manner all suggest something scruffy and villainous to many human observers. Besides, the hyena laughs and giggles like a maniac. Its eerie whoop often pierces the quite of the African night. But hyenas have received more than their fair share of negative publicity. So let's set the records straight on a few counts. First of all, the hyena is often thought of a dog or some sort, but no, it isn't. A distinct species, it's resemblance to the dog is purely superficial.

They are also thought of as cowards, on the contrary they are not. If so then they wouldn't be effective hunters. Yes, hyenas are not just scavengers. They have in fact the exceptionally powerful shoulders and strongest jaws of all the African carnivores. No wonder only the male lion could resist the onslaught of a group of hyenas.

But why does it laugh??? The hyenas manic giggle may sound unpleasant but he is merely communicating with his fellow clan member. Each has their own whoop which the other hyenas recognized. In this way, widely scattered clan members let one another know where they so that they can regroup if the need arise. Their excitement at making a kill or discovering carrion is voiced in high-pitched giggles.

Do you dislike the hyena? Granted it is not cuddly or appealing but after all, it's what makes this creature unique and exceptional. The hyenas other qualities such as power and cunning does impress and fascinates us, they truly are beautiful souls.

the Voca People

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beautiful music from beautiful souls

I found this really cool video while browsing thru mah friend's page in FB. Let me share it here. Their music is magic and their talent is undeniable, though they look kinda creepy I think, lol! Enough said, just sit back & relax, listen and be amaze!

The Voca People are 8 friendly aliens from the planet Voca, a musical planet that has no verbal communication but use vocal expressions only. They have heard the music from earth for decades now and with their imitation abilities they have decided to pay a one evening tribute to humanity and to perform the songs they love as musical- gratitude.

The Voca People is an ensemble of 8 talented musician-actors; 3 female singers that bring the very best female sounds (alt, mezzo, soprano) and 3 male singers (bass, baritone, tenor. In addition there are 2 beat box artists that create extraordinary human beat box sounds and are considered to be the best performers in their field.

This innovative performance is one of the only acts in the world that combines singers and beat box performers to bring an entire orchestra without any musical instruments.
This unique comical and theatrical framework and the mega mixes they bring to the stage - distinguish them from other vocal groups.

click here to see more of them

jack n jill

Friday, August 28, 2009

To Make a Woman Happy
It's not that hard to make a woman happy. A man just needs to be:

1. a friend
2. a companion
3. a lover
4. a brother
5. a father
6. a master
7. a chef
8. an electrician
9. a carpenter
10. a plumber
11. a mechanic
12. a decorator
13. a stylist
14. a phsiotherapist
15. a gynaecologist
16. a psychologist
17. a pest exterminator
18. a psychiatrist
19. a healer
20. a good listener
21. an organizer
22. a good father
23. very clean
24.. sympathetic
25. athletic
26. warm
27. attentive
28. gallant
29. intelligent
30. funny
31. creative
32. tender
33. strong
34. understanding
35. tolerant
36. prudent
37. ambitious
38. capable
39. courageous
40. determined
41. true
42. dependable
43. passionate
44. compassionate

45. give her compliments regularly
46. love shopping
47. be honest
48. be very rich
49. not stress her out
50. not look at other girls

51. give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
52. give her lots of time, especially time for herself
53. give her lots of space, never worrying about where she goes

54. Never to forget:
55. birthdays
56. anniversaries
57. arrangements she makes

How to Make a Man Happy...


Hmmfff, guys and gals mind to tell me if you agree?

am back and it's back!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two weeks had passed since I last updated this blog. You can't blame me though, am such a wimp lately, stricken by what you call bloggers block. It's as if I just started blogging that it's nearly impossible to think of topics and even random thoughts. I'm on line most of the time but I don't feel like signing in to my accounts and looking at the dashboards seems so daunting. I hate this, this is not happening. I ought to do something or else it'll be a dead link soon. Must get back on track again and do what I love to do, that is to blog. It has been a challenge really, I mean sharing tales and linking to others is mostly related to inspirations and moods. Some days, am so inspired that it's so easy to scribble and rant, but most days I just ain't. I need a blast, like a roller coaster ride or maybe a good movie will do too. Golly, I had enough of lame days lol!

Anyway for a start, let's talk about my favorite reality show that's back on air last night. Survivor, you guess it right! Gone are the nights of sleeping early and say hello to future insomnia lol! In fairness, the time slot is better compared to the first season which gives me hope to watch every episode of the show. I'm just a little disappointed with the early exposure of the survivors. Aren't we suppose to see them at the finale? That's what makes the real one more exciting and nerve-wrecking isn't it? And though it's still too early to tell about their personalities, the teacher seems to show an attitude that's totally annoying LOL!

Oh well, so excited for the second day a little bit later. GTG!

meet the s0ngbird

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have you ever been awakened by a red charmer with a cheerful song? If you lived in North America, that may be your happy exit from slumber because one of the most popular songbirds- the cardinal- makes his nest in that part of the world. The males cardinal stakes out his territory with a clear whistle. And he can be a persistent and accomplished singer! Accordingly, one male cardinal was recorded as having 28 songs made up of different combinations of syllables.

This beautiful little soul is about eight inches long, decked out in bright red feathers with a distinctive black "bib" around his bill. However, the female wears a coat of dull brown plumage. She belongs to one of the comparatively few species whose females can sing.

I may not live in North America but that doesn't stop me from admiring these pretty little friends. How I wish to hear these songbirds cheer one day!

An award from "K"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Got an award from ate Katherine of Mom's Place. Muchisimas gracias ate! For the constant visit, friendship, and kind words given to yours truly. Tenchu for considering me for this "Elite blog artist" award, though am pretty sure my bloggy is just so ordinary.. hehe! Gracias again! :D

Let me pass this to all the bloggers in mah list. Feel free to snag it mi hermano y hermana!!!

mi pehro(dogs)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,

It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."

I miss you Morgan & Douglas, I miss you like crazy!!! :(

a night with the Transformers, lol!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Clap..clap..clap! Yei, finally I got to watch "Transformers-Revenge of the Fallen" last night. My cousin Vine and I were so anticipating for this sequel. I've been hearing a lot of good comments from everybody, that it's better than the first one. And they're right, with regards to the action and fight scenes, the effects, it was a blast! But to be honest, was expecting more of Optimus Prime. No doubt, he's still so manly, gorgeous, and heroic but...nabitin ako eh! I didn't fell for him last night lolz! On the other hand, Bumblebee was so adorable! He's such a sweety, the kind of buddy we are all dying to have. By the way, where's Bee at the ending? I didn't see him, as well as the twins Skids and Mudflap. And Wheelie too, the decepticon who changed sides, where are the guys? Come on, enlighten me lolz!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie! Sam was hilarious during his Einstein theory speech and yes, lots of great laugh from the new characters, especially Leo and "RobboWarrior." Oh, And how can I forget, Major Lennox! He's like a dreamboat, you're one lucky girl Fergie, lolz!

Over all a must see!

Hmmm... Yes, I did forgot to mention about Mikaela.. Big Grin!

USPPG and its benefits

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting sick nowadays means more than just a physical pain. It involves our well-being and our pockets as well. I've had a couple of appointments with my doctor last month, asthma attacks you know. The medications were kinda expensive especially the Seretide diskus, it's an anti-asthma puff. Good thing my doctor gave a discount card, so was able to avail it in a lower price. By the way, have you heard of U.S Physician's Purchasing Group or USPPG? It is a medical buying group serving medical practices and private physicians all over the U.S today. A very nice service worth to be considered by medical practitioners worldwide actually. By becoming a member, a physician will be able to purchase vaccines for pediatric and adults, medical/surgical supplies, and everything which their practice needs. All in much lower costs and even get to receive rebates from the manufacturers. And, they protect its members against any future price increase, making them stable and reliable. USPPG also allow its members to have a complete access to competitive pricing, resulting in no overhead expenses and unwanted charges.

Would it be nice if we apply such kind of service in our locality as well. It'll be a huge help for medical practitioners and patients the more. If you want to know more about USPPG and what they have to offer, feel free to visit their site now. Oh, and they offer free membership so this is the perfect time to avail their truly amazing service.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happiness spells... I.c.E c.R.e.A.m.Y

Happy Saturday from the "Asia's Latin City!"
Free Smileys

more photohunters


Monday, June 15, 2009

KETAL? How's the firefly nowadays? I guess the firefly wants to stay outdoors lately that's why you haven't seen her spark here in her blog, lolz! I feel sad not being able to update this bloggy, I don't even to want to login and see what's happening. Wazzup with me? I have no idea! All I know is that there are so many stuff I need to work on here: return your peeks, drop ec, update your links, write sensible/nonsense entries, and all other things a blogger ought to do. Hayyyy umalin! Free Smileys

Anniniput's present thoughts are as follows: (please, bear with me.. hehe!)

~so sick with the A H1N1 reports, don't you think the media is just over acting?
~forever starving, haha! the thoughts of grilled squid is killing me.. hmmmfff!
~pissed with BRO's internet connection... making me unproductive! :D
~what happened to the HK-KH scandal? too scripted isn't it?
~would buy that "Prison Break" complete dvd series, haha! mizzU Wentworth Miller!!!
~paycheck time, yehey!
~winks! see you on Sunday, "old familiar faces!"

See you around bloggers. Would make up to you s00n. Free Smileys

the b0xFish

Monday, June 1, 2009

To produce a car that is sturdier, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly, designers looked to unlikely place for inspiration-under the sea! The boxfish, provides an excellent model for a vehicle with lightweight construction and astounding aerodynamics.

Consider: The boxfish can swim fast, covering a distance of up to six times its body length each second. But this speed is more than a feat of strength. Contrary to expectations, the cubelike shape of the fish actually enhances its qualities. In fact, engineers who constructed a model of the boxfish and tested it in a wind tunnel found this design to slip through the air far more efficiently than compact cars do. The boxfish has a bony outer skin that gives it maximum strength with minimal weight. Tiny vorticles form in the water surrounding the fish, stabilizing the creature when it encounters turbulence. It has outstanding manueverability and protection from injury.

Engineers believe that the boxfish provides the secret to producing a safer, more fuel-efficient, yet lightweight vehicle. A world-class expert in research and develop humbly exclaimed, "we were surprised when this clumsy-looking fish, of all things, became our model for designing an aerodynamic and fuel-efficient car."

source: Awake!

hey foLks!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Got this email from a friend yesterday and all I can say is waaahhh, what a timing! We had crabs for dinner but shrimps, prawns, and crabs, they're NOT family aren't they??? But just to be sure, we didn't took our daily dose of vitamin-c last night as well. Got me confusing? Hmmm... please read on and know what I mean.

Here's the email...

Taiwan, a woman suddenly died unexpectedly with signs of bleeding from her ears, nose, mounth & eyes. After a preliminary autopsy it was diagnosed death due to arsenic poisoning death. Where did the arsenic come from?

The police launched an in-depth and extensive investigation. A medical school professor was invited to come to solve the case.

The professor carefully looked at the contents from the deceased's stomach, in less than half an hour, the mystery was solved.

The professor said: 'The deceased did not commit suicide and neither was she murdered, she died of accidental death due to ignorance!'

Everyone was puzzled, why accidental death? The arsenic is of the U.S. military for carrying rice seedlings H Gao.

The professor said: 'The arsenic is produced in the stomach of the deceased.' The deceased used to take 'Vitamin C' everyday, which in itself is not a problem. The problem was that she ate a large portion of shrimp/prawn during dinner. Eating shrimp/prawn is not the problem that's why nothing happened to her family ever though they took the same shrimp/prawn.

However at the same time the deceased also took 'vitamin C', that is where the problem is!

Researchers at the University of Chicago in the United States , found through experiments, food such as soft-shell shrimp/prawn contains a much higher concentration of - five potassium arsenic compounds.

Such fresh food by itself has no toxic effects on the human body!

However, in taking 'vitamin C', due to the chemical reaction, the original non-toxic - five potassium arsenic (As anhydride, also known as arsenic oxide, the chemical formula for As205) changed to a three potassium toxic arsenic (ADB arsenic anhydride), also known as arsenic trioxide, a chemical formula (As203), which is commonly known as arsenic to the public!

Arsenic poisoning have magma role and can cause paralysis to the small blood vessels, "mercapto Jimei"??, inhibits the activity of the liver and fat necrosis change Hepatic Lobules Centre, heart, liver, kidney, intestine congestion, epithelial cell necrosis, telangiectasia.

Therefore, a person who dies of arsenic poisoning will shows signs of bleeding from the ears, nose, mouth & eyes.

Therefore; as a precautionary measure, DO NOT not take shrimp/prawn when taking 'vitamin C'.

8 tHings tag

Monday, May 11, 2009

I got tag! It's from ate Anne of Mary Anne's Musing. Thanks so much for the thought, smooches!!!

Here it goes...

8 things I'm looking forward to:
~ papito & mamita's pasalubong from Cebu, they'll be arriving on wednesday.. :D
~ new cellphone by the end of this month, yehey!
~ uh, to finish the book am reading...
~ have a hair treatment s00n!
~ more work ofchors...
~ sissy's BLKBYN box... winks!
~ the facial mist I'm desperate to have!!!
~ more to mention... toinkz!

8 things I did yesterday:
~ attended the meeting @ the KH
~ took a long nap..
~ cook my specialty dish
~ ate it afterwards lol!
~ went online
~ chat with sissy :D
~ gossip with friends.. haha!
~ phoned madz & padz.. ^_^

8 things I wish I could do:
~ go to TN and stay with sissy
~ hug and cuddle my nephew Josh and niece Alex
~ visit relatives in CA & play with Ethan :)
~ treat my family a week vacation in an island.. :D
~ my very own layout! Wish I could figure out codes!!!
~ read minds
~ sabunutan si MARIAN RIVERA!!!
~ hack... bwahahaha!

8 shows I watch
~ Prison Break
~ Survivor
~ Hole in the Wall
~ All about Eve
~ Local news... infairness!
~ The Amazing Race
~ Detective Conan
~ Slum Dunk!

8 people I tag
~ Kurdapya
~ ate Jerla
~ Dolly
~ Veniz
~ Shelo's Garden
~ You
~ You
~ Everyone!!!

Enjoy, enj0y!

stay home and shop!

Friday, May 1, 2009

What a surprise, I got grab bags for this blog! It doesn't happen quite often so I have to do this right. It has something to do with what my sister has been up to lately-online shopping. All her stuff from shoes to purses, apparels, cosmetics, and even food, she got it all online. Well why not? Shopping online can save you a lot of money and energy. It also allows you to search for the best deals among thousands of stores across the globe! Imagine you don't need to step out your comfort zone to shop. Perfect timing since more and more people uses mask outside, scared of the spreading virus! Sissy's right, stay home and shop lol! I'm pretty sure she'll be looking for new strollers for baby Alex soon. She prefers lightweight strollers because it's easy to maneuver and inexpensive, not to mention super cute. Winks!

By the way, wanna become a certified online shopper? Try ShopWiki. A search engine for over 30,000 stores in the world wide web. It basically crawls thru like Google so you're search would be that fast and easy, easy as ABC! Go, go, go... enjoy shopping!

this was it...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I feel bad for the super late post of our vacation in Cebu. But as promised, I'm gonna be sharing some of our moments there. Hmmm.. sorry for the very amateurish pictures though lolz!

Leaving Port of Dapitan bound to Cebu. Look how mesmerizing the beauty of sunset from the deck was...

meet my cousins.. :D

...and my family

View from the bus. Our much anticipated visit to mama's hometown, Santander. How I wish the bus stop from running. The coast line was so beautiful and breath-taking. Too bad I had a hard time taking shots, haaayyy!

Private property of the Laurente's. As first timers here in our very own dagat, hehe... me and my cousin's had a great time playing around. We got so amaze by its untouch beauty. (^_^)

dead sea urchins... yehey!

meet my!

my Pudra & my Mudra

Since we're the only people in that part of the world that time, we absolutely had soo much fun!

And yes we had our serious moments too... char-char!

watcha doin there huh???

cool waters and we love it but...

...someone's been biting us. According to our tour guide kuya Jemore(mama's cousin,hehe) the guilty tiny creatures are the Buktud. So we hunt them, through the waters and the sand. The buktod's aren't harmful but really annoying, and yes we're mga praning.. so we ended up...

...using an improvised dipper, sosyal..LOL!

And although we love to stay there forever, it's time for us to go home..
bound to Dumaguete na kami...haaayy!

We're almost home. That's the Port of Dapitan, the ferry's about to dock.

a pose at the bus, 310 kilometers more and we're finally home! :D

Thanks everyone for traveling with mE!!!

Home & Sick

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh yes I'm home and am sick!!! Pretty sure it's because of the boiling hot weather in Cebu. Man I tell you, it was super hot and humid! Do I sound exaggerated? Maybe because am not use to summer air. Here in Zamboanga, we're blessed to have a pretty fair weather. Not harsh and not cruel. So my system was shocked to experience such intense heat, humidity, and dry air. As a result, my asthma got triggered. I'm soo sick right now with flu. I hardly can't breath and having chest pains. Damn, I need a nebulizer! Anyway thanks for all your visit! I'd drop ec and pay visits as soon as I'm well. And will share some of my adventure in Cebu as well. See ya around friends! Smooches!!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

smiley Pictures, Images and Photos Heiya I'd be leaving for Cebu tomorrow which means no blogging for a week. Nahhh I don't think so. I'd still be online and will keep you posted okies? Pardon me if I can't make this post longer, I feel so lost and gaga now lol! Got to pack my bags... See ya!!!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yes I admit, am getting addicted to facebook same as you do LOL! But the only reason why I keep my account is because of Pet Society, the only feature I understand so far, toinkz! Everybody's got all but good words about facebook but after 3 months since my registration I still couldn't figure it out. MONGGO jud! Anyway as you can see, the picture on the right is my cat MUI-MUI and the other one is his alter ego in pet society. I really enjoy this game but unfortunately was not able to check on Mui for the past few days because of the irritating internet connection! And speaking of IP, the server is such a big time loser as of these moments GRRRRR!

Back to Mui, my baby boy... oh his been acting inlove lately. He's always with his GF, doesn't enjoy his food so much and became a moody nocturnal feline LOL! Needless to say but it bothers me if his flirting around... Hmmmffff! Boi what am I talking about?!!!

Sige na, g00d night na! (*_*)

10 things on your "to do" list

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Ten On Tuesday" for the week...

1. To finish the monthly liquidation report today... grrrr!
2. Finish all pending tasks before tomorrow... grrrr grrrr!
3. Buy a new jeans... yehey!
4. Trim my fly away hair on April 9th, lolz!
5. Finish a book, am half-way through... yes!
6. To edit pictures urgently, according to Veniz! hmmfff!
7. Probably see a friend. (^_^)
8. Update blogs... hoho!
9. Watch a dvd... wish I could haaayy!
10. Take a nap. I will!

Join us here


Thursday, March 26, 2009

A friend is someone we turned to when our spirits need a lift.

A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift.

A friend is someone is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy, and grace.

And makes the world we live in a better and happier place.

There is a miracle called friendship, that dwells in the heart. You do not know how it happens or when it gets it's start.

But you know the special lift it always brings. You realized that friendship is the world's most precious gift!

taggy tAGS!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thank you for sharing and giving me all these awards and tags. Here's power hug and smooches for you... Blowing Kisses Pictures, Images and Photos

~ate BENG

These blogs are exceedingly charming. This kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver these award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the blody of their award.

~ate GRACE

Here are the rules:1.

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

~ms. RIZZA

When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real.

Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!

Okie, this is it...with all honesty (^_^)

~I do not like the color pink
~I have a skeleton bling-bling in my closet...LOL!
~I am a good c00k, winks!
~I do not like the beach
~I'm super scared of frogs
~I know sign language
~I love collecting uber huge earrings
~I eat fast! I can eat without chewing, LOL!
~am not good in showing my emotions
~i want to be single forever!!! :D

Now I have to tag 25 friendships all in all, hmmmm... alright let me just share it to everyone. Feel free to snag which ever you like uh!

that's all...THANK YOU!!!