Very Boracay

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ariel's Point

Once upon a time I dreamed of traveling to a faraway land called Boracay. Four days ago, that dream finally came true. The Boracay Getaway, an all-expense-paid trip was generously given by Fern Inc. as a reward to all its top net-workers all over the country. My father was one of the recipients. As his proxy (thank you pang!) I can say, it's one of those moments I'll forever remember. The place was a paradise. The people I met, strangers before and now are friends, and the realization that indeed dreams do come true. It does! And the best part was, it's free LOLZ!

Thank You!

On duty

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm back. Feeling awesome about the entire getaway experience I had the past three days. Will be sharing more about it in my next entries, stay tuned. Anyway as far as jet-lag's concerned, didn't hit me at all. Tired of course but still kicki'n, actually I'm on duty. I'm here at the hospital, my cousin was confined two days ago. She's still under observation, possible dengue. Hope she'll be okay soon, poor girl. Oh I just need to say my piece with regards the nurses here, they're suppose to be friendly. We're all tired, but we can smile at least. Cute scrubs though I must say. Speaking of, the Blue Sky scrubs is buzzing everyone to check out their store now. Being the top choice for nursing uniforms, dental office scrubs and so forth, they have this discount scrub tops that would make the nurses look good. Not just nurses but all those related to the medical field. I found the hats and accessories really cute for hospital uniforms especially the pretty pony collection.

So calling all nurses, midwives, doctors, dentist, etc. If you're looking for high fashion scrubs, just give the website a visit alright? As for me, the patient is sleeping, might as well get some sleep too. Will be uploading pictures a little later. See ya!

off here..

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Halu! I'll be posting my 4th day blog challenge perhaps later on this week. Be leaving for Boracay tomorrow...(yah00!) Yeah I know it's crazy but it's true. Will be saying hello to Bora, it's my first time and am so excited. Gotta leave my footprints there and take lots and lots and lots of pictures. Can't wait!

BRB...! :]


Monday, February 14, 2011

Alright, I completely forgot about this thingy. (sad face) Won't make up excuses anymore because it was a choice on my part. LOL! Obviously, I can't keep up here everyday, but am not quiting, finishing the challenge is more important so okay... nuff said, bring it on!

For the '3rd day blog challenge.' Lemme tell you about Zamboanga City...

Day 3 (Share something about your hometown)

Bienvenidos Aqui! Zamboanga City, situated in the western part of Mindanao, the ancient and beautiful City of Flowers was founded in 1965, making it the third oldest city in the Philippines. Now acknowledge as 'Asia's Latin City,' one can imagine being in Mexico if you hear the city's dialect, chavacano or the Philippine Creole Spanish. As the song goes.."si talya u na pueblo dol talya tu na Mexico, el chavacano un poquito de Espanyol.. lalala.." Zamboanga's history and culture has a very strong Spanish as well as Malay influence. Our dialect I believe is what makes Zamboanga different and I'm also quite sure visitors to the city find it amazing.

Another thing we're proud of is the food. Have you ever heard of Curacha? It's a chavacano name for red frog grab, a sea crab species found in the waters of Zamboanga, no where else. It is high-bred crustacean, with crossbreed characteristics of a large sea crab and a big spiny lobster. It sooo red, and remains red even when cooked. It's so meaty and oh so yummy! You gotta come here and have a taste. :]

You see, Zamboanga is one of those few places in the world to be blessed by a rare pink sand beach- the Sta Cruz islands. A 30-minute ride via pump-boat, one can imagine paradise as they stepped into the island, feel the powder-like pinkish sand, splash through the crystal clear blue waters and relax in a very quite place. But it's just frustrating to not so many people can behold its beauty. We don't have a handful of tourist visiting here, and maybe it's because of the city's image as the home of the goons. But far from it, Zamboanga is a nice place to be. Hey, it's not what you think. It's peaceful here and people are very hospitable and warm. Aside from the occasional bombings though..hehe! Kidding aside, if you happen to visit Zamboanga, most likely you'll make a promise to return and come again.

Well I've got plenty more to share but will save it for now. Hasta Lavista!

(Clap,clap! I made my 5,000 steps yesterday. Sooo happy to be part of the construction volunteers again after awhile. To be able to help is pure happiness!)

ika- dos

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ooppsiee! I wasn't able to write yesterday. Did I just mention come what brownout or bad internet server? Well I got hit by two stones at the same time. Though I really wanted to keep my word, writing everyday, 30 days straight well, I guess that's what you call unforeseen occurrence befall us all. Tsktsk! It's alright, strike one pa naman. Anyway, as for the 'second day blog challenge,' I'm suppose to write about...

Day 2 (What's the meaning behind your blog name?)

Beautiful Soul, what's behind it? Four years ago I made my first blog which is "Beautiful Language." It was about the same time when I finished taking a year course in Sign Language and meeting the deaf people. It was a happy, fulfilling time for me. Their language is beautiful, speaking and communicating through the hands. During those times, I learned more about people and realized that every life indeed has a story. That every soul is going through a lot of different things in lives. That each has a tale to tell and that every being, every soul is beautiful. So I made this blog and the rest was history.. aww!
That's it. Hope I can continue sharing more stories of nouns and pronouns here in the planet. :D

Before signing out, lemme just tell you I was able to walked the mile yesterday. YEHEY! I'm quite sure t'was more than the goal of 5,000 steps..(pwomiz!) Let's see if I can do it again today. Hasta Manyana!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

My blogging life begins again. I'm pretty much aware of how I neglected my blogs for almost a year. They say that when someone is important to you, no excuses, no lies, no broken promises. That keeping in touch and giving your time isn't a biggie after all. The same thing applies to my blog. I want a fresh start here again, I swear! LOLZ! How the heck will I do that?

Simple. I'll join Leah's "30-Day Blog Challenge." No reasons for writer's block here or whatever cause topics are provided already. But no, this isn't as easy as it seems. I'm gonna have to write everyday for the next 30 days! Come what bad internet connection, power interruptions, mood swings, et cetera.. Let's see if I can do it.

Here's for a start... (Day 1: Share a recent picture and something about your week)

Had this last Sunday while having our congregation meeting. Yeah, just sneaking a minute and took this shot.. shhhhh! Silly me. Anyway as for saying something about my week. It's pretty much the same. Waking up every morning with a grateful heart, hoping for brighter things to go my way, and being with people who matters. Isn't that what's suppose to be?

Alright.. see ya tomorrow! Oh by the way, along with this 30-day blog challenge is another challenge. A 30-day of 5,000 steps goes with it. Cool! I'm so in doubt if I can keep up but I'll try. Looking forward to a slimmer figure after a month.. haha!

PS.. Sorry for the thumbnail pics. Am such a minimalist.