meet the s0ngbird

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have you ever been awakened by a red charmer with a cheerful song? If you lived in North America, that may be your happy exit from slumber because one of the most popular songbirds- the cardinal- makes his nest in that part of the world. The males cardinal stakes out his territory with a clear whistle. And he can be a persistent and accomplished singer! Accordingly, one male cardinal was recorded as having 28 songs made up of different combinations of syllables.

This beautiful little soul is about eight inches long, decked out in bright red feathers with a distinctive black "bib" around his bill. However, the female wears a coat of dull brown plumage. She belongs to one of the comparatively few species whose females can sing.

I may not live in North America but that doesn't stop me from admiring these pretty little friends. How I wish to hear these songbirds cheer one day!

An award from "K"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Got an award from ate Katherine of Mom's Place. Muchisimas gracias ate! For the constant visit, friendship, and kind words given to yours truly. Tenchu for considering me for this "Elite blog artist" award, though am pretty sure my bloggy is just so ordinary.. hehe! Gracias again! :D

Let me pass this to all the bloggers in mah list. Feel free to snag it mi hermano y hermana!!!

mi pehro(dogs)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,

It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."

I miss you Morgan & Douglas, I miss you like crazy!!! :(

a night with the Transformers, lol!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Clap..clap..clap! Yei, finally I got to watch "Transformers-Revenge of the Fallen" last night. My cousin Vine and I were so anticipating for this sequel. I've been hearing a lot of good comments from everybody, that it's better than the first one. And they're right, with regards to the action and fight scenes, the effects, it was a blast! But to be honest, was expecting more of Optimus Prime. No doubt, he's still so manly, gorgeous, and heroic but...nabitin ako eh! I didn't fell for him last night lolz! On the other hand, Bumblebee was so adorable! He's such a sweety, the kind of buddy we are all dying to have. By the way, where's Bee at the ending? I didn't see him, as well as the twins Skids and Mudflap. And Wheelie too, the decepticon who changed sides, where are the guys? Come on, enlighten me lolz!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie! Sam was hilarious during his Einstein theory speech and yes, lots of great laugh from the new characters, especially Leo and "RobboWarrior." Oh, And how can I forget, Major Lennox! He's like a dreamboat, you're one lucky girl Fergie, lolz!

Over all a must see!

Hmmm... Yes, I did forgot to mention about Mikaela.. Big Grin!