Auto insurance Texas and driving

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Driving- one of the nicest feeling in the whole wide world. The first time I sat on the driver's seat and held the stirring wheel then turned the engine on, I was at cloud 9! For someone like me who doesn't even know how to ride a bike, it was such a big deal and a major happiness to finally drive and feel the danger, lol! So now, when my sissy told me she's learning how to drive too, (in America) can't help but be excited too. But we know that the streets of America are way too different from us, and their laws and regulations too. She said it's not as easy as it seems for there are so many things to learn and be familiar with. Told her to just go for it and make it happen. It'll be so nice to learn how to drive and eventually have a car of her own..haha!

On a second note, being a car owner is a serious responsibility no doubt. There's more to just driving a car isn't it? From its performance to its maintenance, it's in your hands. Another thing would be the insurance. If you have an access to something like Auto Insurance Texas which provides one the opportunity to compare rates from the best auto insurance company in TX, then find a good insurance for you. The nice thing with companies like them is they need minimal requirements only and yet giving the fullest coverage possible. Well the truth is driving is risky. We need to be cautious and careful all the time but sometimes accidents can happen. Insurance like this can be of huge help if if situations arise.

Oh well, here I am. Wishing and hoping to someday drive my dream car. What would that be?

ika- quatro

It's been more than a month. The suppose to be everyday blog challenge turned out to be eh____! But no matter how delayed I am, will finish it. That's the reason I joined in the first place.

Here's my forth entry: Share something about the TV show you're currently addicted to.

The Tv show I'm addicted to? Well currently I don't have any. Gone are the sleepless nights and the carried away mode for now. I used to be so addicted to korean series, (aha!) like the latest 'The Baker King,' which I must say one of the best shows I've watched. The story was so moving and inspiring. Even bought a cd of the whole series and finished it in a week, lol! Then there are those reality Tv shows too like ANTM, my all time favorite. Hmmm.. I can think of just that. Nothing really addictive to nowadays. Thank goodness!

Join us here for Lea's 30 day blog challenge. :]

Coupons up for grabs

Thursday, April 7, 2011

To those who are certified online shoppers, coupons mean more freebies, bigger discounts, and better deals. My sissy is a coupon lady, and I get to see her have those cool stuff from online coupons, it does help her saved a lot. I guess she will have to avail some dell computer coupons soon because as what I know, her laptop is messing up big time. It's kinda old and the memory I guess can't catch up with the downloads and uploads she's doing, lol! There are dell coupon codes available right now with over a hundred dollar savings. Wow! If the money is ready I think anyone should take advantage of such promos and grab a laptop in a much lesser price.

By the way, if you're looking for even greater deals, there are lots of dell coupons for you. Who doesn't want a new dell laptop and big savings right? Anyway, redemption of codes are quite easy too, you just have to click some links and enter the promotional codes and finalize your order. Well, I'm wishing a new laptop for my sister. Hope it's gonna be soon. But wait, I think ipad would be better nowadays. What do you think?


OMG! At the age of 20 something, I got my ankle sore and I really do honestly think it's arthritis already. OMG! It started like a week ago, got a little pain and uncomfy feeling at my right ankle. Then the other day, was with my cousin at the mall grabbing a new pair of shoes and then saw how sore it was! Looks like grandmama's knees and joints. TSK! Would this mean I'm? Of my! Will I have to breakup with my favorite food? Like those made-me-forget-my-name pork rinds,(chicharon) and butter cookies?

To stay young and vibrant, healthy living is a must.

I'm not forgetting my 30 Day Blog Challenge here. Wait cause I will finish it, lol!

You are gold!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Investing in gold, you surely have heard about that. As we know, gold is the most precious metal among any other metals in the world. People all over value and treasure it, even die for it. They buy and invest in gold for they know its worth and importance. But do you know how much is the price of gold nowadays? Well it depends. If you're talking about gold coins and bullion, its quite expensive for such things means serious business. Its price is set or fixed in London by a group of five banks, a practice since the year 1919. Back then the gold price was 4 ponds 18 shillings and ninepence per troy ounce.

Through the years, gold has brought benefits and protection to investors. During economic, social, political, and other crises, investing in gold is like a shield to ones assets. Did you know that for the past 10 years, such investment has outperformed every other investment out there? Well it does sounds interesting and I'm sure if one can afford this kind of venture, he or she won't hesitate getting into it. For more information regarding gold prices, other precious metals, world gold coins and more, just visit GOLDCOINSGAIN web page. A trusted company featured in the national media, providing anything you want to learn about gold investment.