year-end must-have!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The year is about to end, in a couple of days we'll wave 2011 goodbye. Such a happy, life-changing, blessed year it has been. Looking back, so many things happened, am just left in awe and speechless. On a second note, many people would want to have a year-end special. Parties, getaways, while others want to share and shower their loved ones some blessings. While browsing at Zenni Optical's website, I think of those individuals planning to give cheap eyeglasses to their friends and family. The nice thing with Zenni is that we really can save much because they have the widest selection of quality eyeglasses, from prescription, bifocal, single vision, and those fashionable ones. Their prices starts around $6 only depending of course with the style and features. Right now they have this holiday themed frames that's so chic and funky. I actually love to have this green, plastic full rim frame. Unique looking and cute. My cousin I bet would like to have the red version of this one. Though I'd have to tell sissy about it, crosses-finger she'll order it for us, LOL! This is the kind of eyeglasses that's so nice to have. A pretty accessory must-have to end the wonderful year with a blast! How about you out there? What kinda goodies would you like to have before starting a new beginning? Winks!