The Nurse

Friday, November 19, 2010

I've always thought of nursing as one of the noblest job on earth. Have several friends and relatives who are nurses and seen their dedication towards their job. It's not easy taking care of other people especially when they're sick. The demands are many as well, time, energy, and even personal health. Nurses are indeed people who has a great amount of compassion and patience. Are you one or you know someone? You well-deserved a commendation!

On a second note, this particular job requires a certain kind of dress code too. Such medical uniforms are as important as their duty. If you're a nurse, a doctor or someone related to the field, you may find Blue Sky Scrubs your one stop shop for nurse uniforms and supplies, and of course many more! Scrubs hat are particularly cute. There are lots of designs, floral prints, patterns, abstract, men and women nurses surely looks even better with such accessories. It kinda lightens up the mood and take the stress away because it's so trendy and fashionable. If am a nurse, I'll definitely put this on, lol! Anyway, feel free to browse their selection. There are lots of nursing scrubs on sale, you can really find one for you.

Cheers to all the nurses! Good job and keep the love.

am bored of you

Thursday, November 18, 2010

So I thought of everything I can think of last night. After almost a year, I wanna figure out what's wrong and how we ended up this way. I used to enjoy spending time with you, I can be ME when am with you. Then one day, I got bored. Yes, so bored! I wish I could pretend like I never know you, like a stranger with all the excitement.. but we're not. No matter what, a part of me will always be with you. After all we're together for like 2 years! So how can I not remember???...

Am bored of you my BLOGS... & yes I hate it. Can we have another chance and bring back the old times? I want to, I really do. With my new found reasons now, (the better internet connection and the smiling face of Mr. Page Rank) I'll do everything to rekindle the love. Make me happy once again. Oh yeah, officially it's US again.

hahaha! :D