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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I feel bad for the super late post of our vacation in Cebu. But as promised, I'm gonna be sharing some of our moments there. Hmmm.. sorry for the very amateurish pictures though lolz!

Leaving Port of Dapitan bound to Cebu. Look how mesmerizing the beauty of sunset from the deck was...

meet my cousins.. :D

...and my family

View from the bus. Our much anticipated visit to mama's hometown, Santander. How I wish the bus stop from running. The coast line was so beautiful and breath-taking. Too bad I had a hard time taking shots, haaayyy!

Private property of the Laurente's. As first timers here in our very own dagat, hehe... me and my cousin's had a great time playing around. We got so amaze by its untouch beauty. (^_^)

dead sea urchins... yehey!

meet my!

my Pudra & my Mudra

Since we're the only people in that part of the world that time, we absolutely had soo much fun!

And yes we had our serious moments too... char-char!

watcha doin there huh???

cool waters and we love it but...

...someone's been biting us. According to our tour guide kuya Jemore(mama's cousin,hehe) the guilty tiny creatures are the Buktud. So we hunt them, through the waters and the sand. The buktod's aren't harmful but really annoying, and yes we're mga praning.. so we ended up...

...using an improvised dipper, sosyal..LOL!

And although we love to stay there forever, it's time for us to go home..
bound to Dumaguete na kami...haaayy!

We're almost home. That's the Port of Dapitan, the ferry's about to dock.

a pose at the bus, 310 kilometers more and we're finally home! :D

Thanks everyone for traveling with mE!!!

Home & Sick

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh yes I'm home and am sick!!! Pretty sure it's because of the boiling hot weather in Cebu. Man I tell you, it was super hot and humid! Do I sound exaggerated? Maybe because am not use to summer air. Here in Zamboanga, we're blessed to have a pretty fair weather. Not harsh and not cruel. So my system was shocked to experience such intense heat, humidity, and dry air. As a result, my asthma got triggered. I'm soo sick right now with flu. I hardly can't breath and having chest pains. Damn, I need a nebulizer! Anyway thanks for all your visit! I'd drop ec and pay visits as soon as I'm well. And will share some of my adventure in Cebu as well. See ya around friends! Smooches!!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

smiley Pictures, Images and Photos Heiya I'd be leaving for Cebu tomorrow which means no blogging for a week. Nahhh I don't think so. I'd still be online and will keep you posted okies? Pardon me if I can't make this post longer, I feel so lost and gaga now lol! Got to pack my bags... See ya!!!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yes I admit, am getting addicted to facebook same as you do LOL! But the only reason why I keep my account is because of Pet Society, the only feature I understand so far, toinkz! Everybody's got all but good words about facebook but after 3 months since my registration I still couldn't figure it out. MONGGO jud! Anyway as you can see, the picture on the right is my cat MUI-MUI and the other one is his alter ego in pet society. I really enjoy this game but unfortunately was not able to check on Mui for the past few days because of the irritating internet connection! And speaking of IP, the server is such a big time loser as of these moments GRRRRR!

Back to Mui, my baby boy... oh his been acting inlove lately. He's always with his GF, doesn't enjoy his food so much and became a moody nocturnal feline LOL! Needless to say but it bothers me if his flirting around... Hmmmffff! Boi what am I talking about?!!!

Sige na, g00d night na! (*_*)