Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yes I admit, am getting addicted to facebook same as you do LOL! But the only reason why I keep my account is because of Pet Society, the only feature I understand so far, toinkz! Everybody's got all but good words about facebook but after 3 months since my registration I still couldn't figure it out. MONGGO jud! Anyway as you can see, the picture on the right is my cat MUI-MUI and the other one is his alter ego in pet society. I really enjoy this game but unfortunately was not able to check on Mui for the past few days because of the irritating internet connection! And speaking of IP, the server is such a big time loser as of these moments GRRRRR!

Back to Mui, my baby boy... oh his been acting inlove lately. He's always with his GF, doesn't enjoy his food so much and became a moody nocturnal feline LOL! Needless to say but it bothers me if his flirting around... Hmmmffff! Boi what am I talking about?!!!

Sige na, g00d night na! (*_*)


twopenneth said...

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