Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photo Hunt's theme this week is "beautiful." I thought it will just be easy to find pictures that will fit the theme, but when I started to browse my files I couldn't find one, or I couldn't choose just one. I was thinking if I should put a picture of a beautiful place I've been to, or beautiful faces I've seen, or beautiful people I know and love dearly, I am confused. But when I saw this picture of the jigsaw puzzle I made with my friends, I thought this will represent the most beautiful of all...LIFE! It may sound corny, but life is like a puzzle indeed. Each and every tiny piece is so important, that if one of it is missing it wouldn't be as beautiful as it can be. Anywayz, enough of the drama! Enjoy the picture friends!..hehe!

kiCk aSS bLogger...mE???

Friday, August 29, 2008

I g0t tHis aWard fRom jHeLea, tHank y0u so vEry mUcHo! I aPPrEciate it wiTh aLL mY hEaRt. It mAde mY eYes go roLLing, lol!
Do I rEaLLy kiCk aSS??!! Naahhhh! I d0n'T eVen bELieve it mYsElf, hehe!

Kick Ass Blogger Award

Do you know any bloggers that kick ass?
Maybe they've got incredible, original content. Or they're overflowing with creativity. Is it someone that helps you become a better blogger? Or a bloggy friend you know you can count on? Or maybe it's someone who simply inspires you to be a better person... or someone else who sends you to the floor, laughing your ass off.
Whatever the reason may be, I'm sure you know at least a couple of bloggers that kick ass. Well... why not tell 'em so? LOVE ON 'EMChoose 5 bloggers that you feel are "Kick Ass Bloggers"
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You definitely kick aSS -

kUrdApya- for inspiring mE to bLog, haha! required jud te nuh!
jErLa- for always leNding a haNd in my noSebLeeding momEnts, thanks te lot!..hehe!
vEniz- kEEp it up bAye!..haha!
beRRy- I just love hEr dRawings... vEry cUte!
gReenMan- fOr aLL the heLp, sa paypal ug sa manga..gRacias!!!

keep oN kicKing!!!

hoLLiw00d LiNes

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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mAnang maNiCurisTa

Saturday, August 23, 2008

She came by here yesterday. Mamang and I got some pedicure and after it, feels like I'm born again,LOL! If a dog is man's bestfriend, manang manicurista is every girls bestfriend! Who doesn't loved her?! I loved it every time she pushes those dead skin and ingrown toe nails. Having a manicure or pedicure is one of the nicest feelings ever, hehe! I clean my nails myself most of the time, but nothing beats manang manicurista's hand. She's one of those people we might just take for granted, but indeed she also never failed to bring a smile to our faces. Until then manang!

eXcuSe mE

Friday, August 22, 2008

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You are trying to get the attention of your crush. You may give him or her an admiring glance, a killer smile, looks that kill or you may even even say a drop dead line. But what if he or she doesn't give you the response your hoping to receive? What if he or she just say "excuse me" and then leave? Ouchhh! That hurts! Perhaps you first need to master your flirting techniques. There are do's and dont's to learn for magical spark to begin.

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what mAkes mE hAppy & sAd

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thanks for this tag atEng.. need this now, now that I'm mentally incapable..toinkz!

What makes me smile and what makes me cry nga ba? okya, let's see...

Here are the ruLez:

1. List the things that make you Happy and those that make you Sad.
2. Add your Blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other Blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know.

wHat mAkes mE hAppy:

> seeing family and friends happy
> dinner and bonding time with them
> my baby muymuy..meow!
> lend a hand
> standing for my beliefs
> a good, food and food..hehe!
> chocolates
> unexpected travel and adventure!
> uncovering secrets
> a pedicure
> general cleanings
> an opp,LOL!
what else...

wHat mAkes mE sAd:

> the thought of losing loved ones
> missing chit chats with sissy, hehe..
> my pets getting sick
> showing no emotions
> when i'm starving
> a bad night sleep
> when i don't get to clean the house!
hmmm wat else?
wla nako'y mahuna-hunaan...

Now, I would like to know what makes you happy and sad...Veniz, berry, jha and nannie.. enjoy beautiful gurlz..! wiNk!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

As you already know, there is a current peace problem here in mindanao. Here in Zamboanga for example, threats and warnings are buzzing like bees. There are a lot of soldiers and policemen all over downtown and we constantly hear helicopter noises going to and fro. There is still no cause for panic, but we have to be careful because the threat is really serious. On other areas in Mindanao however, the situation is quite more serious and hard. I got a news a while ago informing that some friends from Iligan city and other parts of Lanao are experiencing the effects of being war victims. I still don't know what's the exact situation right there now, but as one of JW's we have to do something to help our brothers and sisters in faith. I learned that what they need right now is food more importantly. Some are in the evacuation areas already, others are in our local KingdomHall, but still there are others who are left in their houses because the roads going through the areas are being closed.

We are planning to help them, in any way we can. Maybe we can gather old clothes and some donations. I will personally volunteer for this, I hope it will be possible for us to help them. I don't think it's wise to go there now, but whatever help we may hand them will definitely reach to those who needs it.

Are you willing?


Saturday, August 16, 2008

This week's theme is "colorful", so I chose to post this photo of me and my friend gReta. This was taken last january during our trip to CDO city. It was midnight by then, and we are still hiper,Lol! We painted our faces with make-up as a punishment for the game we're playing..ungoy-ungoy bah, hehe! Anywayz, since the theme is COLORFUL, this is the only pic I have that I think would fit..toiNkZ!!

happy saturday everyone! keep on hunting!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

During Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the volunteer signers of Zamboanga conducts deaf survey in different areas and territories. "Desde Licomo hasta Limpapa" indeed,LOL! We go from house to house, door to door, town to town to locate those deaf and mute individuals and help them learn sign language. And most importantly, sharing them the beautiful hope found in the bible. We've been to many different places already, and every time we are on a nice view, ate AF doesn't fail to take a shot. Thanks,haha! These pics are among the many pictorials we have,LOL!
Oh hah mga signers, exposure nani..wiNk!

n0t nindut

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's so frustrating, we've been planning for this moviedate with the gang for 2 weeks. We are so excited to watch "The Mummy" on the big screen. We decided to watch it yesterday, me and my friends. But I am so disappointed!!! Grrrrrrr! Our plan was cancelled. Not because of personal choices but because of the disgusting threat we have now here in my beloved city!!! The bomb threats, saying that "these people" will attack here and there are like buzzing bees. We are used to these kinda news and threats, after all that's life here in Zamboanga. But it's different this time, the rumors are more serious,hehe! Soldiers and policemen are all over pueblo, maka praning..but it's okey, anad nami. Our parents, I mean except mamang and papang who allowed me to go to the cinema, I was the only one among my friends who were permitted,LOL! Warnings are all over, and since we are obedient children, we cancelled our movie date. HUHUHU! I feel so sad! But we cannot afford not to watch "the mummy", so memet bought a dvd...LOLOLOL! Yeah, the pirates have it already,hehe! It was fine, except for we couldn't understand much of what the actors are saying, you know, sound effects. Atleast we still saw it. Pero nganung dili naman si Rachel Weisz and "Evie" didtu??? Haaaayyyy, hangtud karun dili pa nako matanggap lain na ang gadala sa role. Doble frustration,LOLOL!
But anywayz, we still had fun last night. Wacthing the mummy on T.V nalang, with pancit and cokes..hehe! Then after it, we change the curtains in the hall. Last night was Beautiful parin,LOL!

bRiLLante aWard!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I was nominated by ate jerla for this "Brillante Award." I'm so touch! I can't believe it! Honestly, I feel that my blog is just below normal...LOL! Ate jerla, for sharing this to me, thanks so very mucho!!! Basta si manoy Ethan..lakas jud sa ako, ahihihi!

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate at least seven other blogs
4. Add links to those blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog

The below recipients of the Brillante Weblog are welcomed to put the Logo on their personal blogs and have the honor of passing this award to seven other bloggers.

My nominess are the following bloggers:

Kurdapya- for being my blogging instructor and the best manang in the world!
Kuya Shawn- for his very infornative blog. Thanks for taking good care of manang and kurdapyo!
Vine- my buddy and my cousin..hoho!
Marky- thanks for the help, I appreciate it!
Vannie- she is fun, fierce and fabulous indeed!
Anagore- for the friendship she gives to manang and the constant traffic, thanks ate!
Shimumsy- she's always been there, ever since I started blogging. I appreciate it so much!

bAby b0ys..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

Kurdapyo and Manoy Ethan

My nephew and my cousin
World's cutest and most adorable,
Jah's most beautiful gift.

I wish I could travel to be with you..
just as my thoughts do.

aNg sArdiNas

Friday, August 1, 2008

Zamboanga, the "Sardine Capital of the Philippines." About 80% of the canning companies are found here in Zamboanga City. Seafoods like crabs, lobster, squids and shrimps are abundant here. You can buy 1 kilo of fish for only 20 pesos in the local market. I feel so bless to lived here in Zamboanga, food wise, because compared to other places, we have great resources for seafoods, really it's not that expensive here. But that was before. I saw in the local news yesterday afternoon that 14 canning companies are officially closed yesterday because of financial loses. Actually, every once a year, from Febuary to March, canning companies really stop their operation because it is not fishing season during that time. But right now, because of the soaring oil price and tin can, the companies decided to stop their operation indefenitely. It means that 40,000 employees which includes fishermen, canning workers, etc. and ofcourse their family will be affected. How sad!!! The whole nation will also be affected, it's a fact that sardines is an important food to Filipinos, specially to the poor. What will happen now? I really do hope there will be possitive updates in this regard. Will keep you posted!