n0t nindut

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's so frustrating, we've been planning for this moviedate with the gang for 2 weeks. We are so excited to watch "The Mummy" on the big screen. We decided to watch it yesterday, me and my friends. But I am so disappointed!!! Grrrrrrr! Our plan was cancelled. Not because of personal choices but because of the disgusting threat we have now here in my beloved city!!! The bomb threats, saying that "these people" will attack here and there are like buzzing bees. We are used to these kinda news and threats, after all that's life here in Zamboanga. But it's different this time, the rumors are more serious,hehe! Soldiers and policemen are all over pueblo, maka praning..but it's okey, anad nami. Our parents, I mean except mamang and papang who allowed me to go to the cinema, I was the only one among my friends who were permitted,LOL! Warnings are all over, and since we are obedient children, we cancelled our movie date. HUHUHU! I feel so sad! But we cannot afford not to watch "the mummy", so memet bought a dvd...LOLOLOL! Yeah, the pirates have it already,hehe! It was fine, except for we couldn't understand much of what the actors are saying, you know, sound effects. Atleast we still saw it. Pero nganung dili naman si Rachel Weisz and "Evie" didtu??? Haaaayyyy, hangtud karun dili pa nako matanggap lain na ang gadala sa role. Doble frustration,LOLOL!
But anywayz, we still had fun last night. Wacthing the mummy on T.V nalang, with pancit and cokes..hehe! Then after it, we change the curtains in the hall. Last night was Beautiful parin,LOL!