Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photo Hunt's theme this week is "beautiful." I thought it will just be easy to find pictures that will fit the theme, but when I started to browse my files I couldn't find one, or I couldn't choose just one. I was thinking if I should put a picture of a beautiful place I've been to, or beautiful faces I've seen, or beautiful people I know and love dearly, I am confused. But when I saw this picture of the jigsaw puzzle I made with my friends, I thought this will represent the most beautiful of all...LIFE! It may sound corny, but life is like a puzzle indeed. Each and every tiny piece is so important, that if one of it is missing it wouldn't be as beautiful as it can be. Anywayz, enough of the drama! Enjoy the picture friends!..hehe!


Claudia said...

Music is absolutely a staple in my life! Hey, I won't whine about a little wine either

Missy said...

Life is indeed a puzzle! Great choice for the theme!

jHeLea said...

At first I didn't appreciate the picture but I begin to see it's beauty with your explanation...You're definitely right, life is a puzzle