UnWeLcomed viSitor

Thursday, September 4, 2008

She arrived two days ago. Her presence gives me the weirdest feelings every time she's around. I'm always craving for something to eat, full yet hungry, starving yet full. I hate everyone around me, they seem to pissed me whenever she's around. I also feel so lazy and sleepy and tired. If my job will be done or not, I don't seem to care.

Why does she have to visit me every month??? The five days that she will be around are the ugliest days of my living. I can't think, I can't move, I can't have a good night sleep, I can't function!

But I know I have to deal with you all my life...or until I'm fifty,LOL!
Until then UnWelcomed Visitor!..hehe!
grrrrrr..I hate being a girl! toinkz!


Darlyn said...

wow.. like the way you hate your unwelcome visitor but any girls have it...

while other girls had a party everytime they have the unwelcome visitor. which means they are not pregnant

have a great day ahead.

jHeLea said...

hahaha....na intriga naman ako sa title ng post mo sis...i thought something bad na.....naisahan mo ako doon ah!!!hahaha

reanaclaire said...

haha..no ladies like this unwelcomed visitor..but actually we must thank her cos she gives us our youthful looks and also helps us to produce babies.. haha,,

varuna said...

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jaejae said...

i don't get paid by the same visits but i can relate because my wife gets exactly like that whenever she has the same bwisitor!

ed said...

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