mamang and maya

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I was looking for some stuff at the eklover and happened to bump in this dusty box of old pictures that my lola kept.
As I was going through it, my eyes could not believe what I just saw!!! A very old picture of mom and maya!!(my auntie) Wheeew! when was this taken??? 48 years ago? hahaha!
Lola is just sooo amazing, able to keep this picture for so long now, to think our family was a migrant from other place..(sa negros man gikan,LOL!) Mom and Maya were still single when this photo was taken. Oh and their fashion'nt it cute, and their hairstyle... men! hehehe... I wonder if they'll be my fashion icon?? hmmmm! LOL!


Rolly said...

Karaan na kaayo ning hulagwaya day sa pero nindot ba.

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jHeLea said...

hi sis galing naman ng lola mo to be able to kept the photo of you mom and your aunt noong bata pa sila...BTW, where sa Negros? Just want to know kasi ako from Negros din...

jaejae said...

from the looks of it, they're fashionistas way back 4 decades ago! am sure you got your crafts from them! hahahaha! chip of the old bark ba?