hoLLiw00d LiNes

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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"If you look me in the eye", "I can be be your hero", and my favorite this time, "You will always be my baby" by David Cook. This are drop-dead-lines that will surely melt anybody's heart. Good for you if you have a love life. Couples usually say poetic lines to each other. A way of expressing their feelings through songs, poems, letters or the best way of saying it is looking through each others eye.

But to those who are still single and unattached, you can still experience how it feels to be head over feet. Wanna know how is it? It's by playing this fun and exciting new game from Extreme Style by VO5 called the Ultimate Flirting Championship. This game will allow you to know which lines works out the best, then you may apply it in real life. Go ahead and try this game for yourself, and have the chance to achieve and win the much anticipated Victory Hair. Know what is it, click the links now!

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