a night with the Transformers, lol!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Clap..clap..clap! Yei, finally I got to watch "Transformers-Revenge of the Fallen" last night. My cousin Vine and I were so anticipating for this sequel. I've been hearing a lot of good comments from everybody, that it's better than the first one. And they're right, with regards to the action and fight scenes, the effects, it was a blast! But to be honest, was expecting more of Optimus Prime. No doubt, he's still so manly, gorgeous, and heroic but...nabitin ako eh! I didn't fell for him last night lolz! On the other hand, Bumblebee was so adorable! He's such a sweety, the kind of buddy we are all dying to have. By the way, where's Bee at the ending? I didn't see him, as well as the twins Skids and Mudflap. And Wheelie too, the decepticon who changed sides, where are the guys? Come on, enlighten me lolz!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie! Sam was hilarious during his Einstein theory speech and yes, lots of great laugh from the new characters, especially Leo and "RobboWarrior." Oh, And how can I forget, Major Lennox! He's like a dreamboat, you're one lucky girl Fergie, lolz!

Over all a must see!

Hmmm... Yes, I did forgot to mention about Mikaela.. Big Grin!