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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ooppsiee! I wasn't able to write yesterday. Did I just mention come what brownout or bad internet server? Well I got hit by two stones at the same time. Though I really wanted to keep my word, writing everyday, 30 days straight well, I guess that's what you call unforeseen occurrence befall us all. Tsktsk! It's alright, strike one pa naman. Anyway, as for the 'second day blog challenge,' I'm suppose to write about...

Day 2 (What's the meaning behind your blog name?)

Beautiful Soul, what's behind it? Four years ago I made my first blog which is "Beautiful Language." It was about the same time when I finished taking a year course in Sign Language and meeting the deaf people. It was a happy, fulfilling time for me. Their language is beautiful, speaking and communicating through the hands. During those times, I learned more about people and realized that every life indeed has a story. That every soul is going through a lot of different things in lives. That each has a tale to tell and that every being, every soul is beautiful. So I made this blog and the rest was history.. aww!
That's it. Hope I can continue sharing more stories of nouns and pronouns here in the planet. :D

Before signing out, lemme just tell you I was able to walked the mile yesterday. YEHEY! I'm quite sure t'was more than the goal of 5,000 steps..(pwomiz!) Let's see if I can do it again today. Hasta Manyana!


clavsupclose said...

like the name of your blog.