On duty

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm back. Feeling awesome about the entire getaway experience I had the past three days. Will be sharing more about it in my next entries, stay tuned. Anyway as far as jet-lag's concerned, didn't hit me at all. Tired of course but still kicki'n, actually I'm on duty. I'm here at the hospital, my cousin was confined two days ago. She's still under observation, possible dengue. Hope she'll be okay soon, poor girl. Oh I just need to say my piece with regards the nurses here, they're suppose to be friendly. We're all tired, but we can smile at least. Cute scrubs though I must say. Speaking of, the Blue Sky scrubs is buzzing everyone to check out their store now. Being the top choice for nursing uniforms, dental office scrubs and so forth, they have this discount scrub tops that would make the nurses look good. Not just nurses but all those related to the medical field. I found the hats and accessories really cute for hospital uniforms especially the pretty pony collection.

So calling all nurses, midwives, doctors, dentist, etc. If you're looking for high fashion scrubs, just give the website a visit alright? As for me, the patient is sleeping, might as well get some sleep too. Will be uploading pictures a little later. See ya!