stay home and shop!

Friday, May 1, 2009

What a surprise, I got grab bags for this blog! It doesn't happen quite often so I have to do this right. It has something to do with what my sister has been up to lately-online shopping. All her stuff from shoes to purses, apparels, cosmetics, and even food, she got it all online. Well why not? Shopping online can save you a lot of money and energy. It also allows you to search for the best deals among thousands of stores across the globe! Imagine you don't need to step out your comfort zone to shop. Perfect timing since more and more people uses mask outside, scared of the spreading virus! Sissy's right, stay home and shop lol! I'm pretty sure she'll be looking for new strollers for baby Alex soon. She prefers lightweight strollers because it's easy to maneuver and inexpensive, not to mention super cute. Winks!

By the way, wanna become a certified online shopper? Try ShopWiki. A search engine for over 30,000 stores in the world wide web. It basically crawls thru like Google so you're search would be that fast and easy, easy as ABC! Go, go, go... enjoy shopping!


anne said...

wahhh mahadlok man ko magshop online oi kay basin ma ilad ko daghan ra ba sad daw nagabaligya ug mga items na dili diay tinood pagkahuman ug dawat sa imong kwarta online mawala ra sad ang tawo ang nga nagbaligya wahh anyway girl I have a tag for you, no pressure just post whenever you like this is the url thanks