the b0xFish

Monday, June 1, 2009

To produce a car that is sturdier, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly, designers looked to unlikely place for inspiration-under the sea! The boxfish, provides an excellent model for a vehicle with lightweight construction and astounding aerodynamics.

Consider: The boxfish can swim fast, covering a distance of up to six times its body length each second. But this speed is more than a feat of strength. Contrary to expectations, the cubelike shape of the fish actually enhances its qualities. In fact, engineers who constructed a model of the boxfish and tested it in a wind tunnel found this design to slip through the air far more efficiently than compact cars do. The boxfish has a bony outer skin that gives it maximum strength with minimal weight. Tiny vorticles form in the water surrounding the fish, stabilizing the creature when it encounters turbulence. It has outstanding manueverability and protection from injury.

Engineers believe that the boxfish provides the secret to producing a safer, more fuel-efficient, yet lightweight vehicle. A world-class expert in research and develop humbly exclaimed, "we were surprised when this clumsy-looking fish, of all things, became our model for designing an aerodynamic and fuel-efficient car."

source: Awake!


klivengood said...

oh, is that rare fish?? this is my first time to see a box fish haha and i like the color. i wish i can put that to my aquarium..hehe

Jenai said...

I wouldn't mind one of those. Energy efficient is the way to be now for our survival