bEst Bud's

Monday, March 31, 2008

Morgan and Douglas are brothers and they were my very best friends. They made me feel appreciated and needed, sometimes even your closest fellow wont show. From the moment I wake up, they are right infront of my bedroom door as if missing me sooo much. And even if I don't bathe them regularly, hehe.. they still don't hate me. They show me those big brown eyes and sincere smiles whenever they see me make their meal. I hear them laugh out loud everytime it's playtime! And they will wait till I go to bed before they'll go to sleep. They were the ones who know my deepest secrets and seen the craziest and silliest me. They've wound me and my family, physically... but it taught us patience and unconditional love. Yes, alot of things they've taught me, I've learned alot from them... something I will forever be grateful for. I will miss my buddies soooo much, Morgan and Douglas.
They are gone now. I believe any pet lover would agree with me. Loosing a pet can be very painful! It's like losing your very best friend. They are such beautiful and wonderful souls, who happens to make you smile like no one else can.