the Chicken!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Is the world's most popular bird probably. According to estimates, there are over 13 billion chickens! And it's meat is so popular that more than 73 billion pound of it are consumed each year. And hens, produce some 600 billion eggs a year worldwide. Chicken is a descent of the red jungle fowl of Asia. And man soon discovered that chickens can be their very best friend. Chickens are raised for domestic and commercial use. Who doesn't love chicken meat??? It blends perfectly with different flavorings. Wether fried, roasted, broiled, or stewed. Or omelet, sunny side up, and scrambled...hmmmm sooo yummy! There is no cookbook in this planet that doesn't have chicken recipes, that's for sure! We should be thankful and grateful to chickens, for the pleasure and good life they thus bring us. And our God, for giving us these chickens... life would completely be different and sad without the existance of these beautiful souls, the cHicKens.

some breeds of chicken: white leg horn, sussex and polish