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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm having this heartbeat-drumbeat every night for the past 3 weeks already. I usually sleeps at 9:30 pm, I must have not less than 8 hours of sleep every night to keep me alive. I'll be an insomniatic monster if I don't get to have a restful sleep. But for the past 3 weeks, my sleeping patterns changed big time! I sleep at 11 pm, that is if I don't get consumed with thoughts. Thoughts that even bothers me during the days.
These is also the reason why I'm so lazy to update my blogs and do the much needed blog hopping, walking, and visits. Errrrrr!!!

I'm going head over heels about these souls. I'm guilty again. I'm soooo hook to them right now!
They give me nerve wrecks every night, but still I can't go to bed without seeing them.

Oh well, I guess this is because I'm just a certified SURVIVOR fan! Hahahaha..lolz! toinkz!!!


emotera said...

wahahaha! i was about to give you an advice but when i get to the last part, i cant help but laugh. hahahah!

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jHeLea said...

know what sis? I can't stay late at night because I'm anemic....ganahan gyud ko mo watch ug TV but I have to put myself to sleep as early as 8pm waaaaaah....