who's he?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I miss this blog. I miss looking for beautiful souls and sharing their tales here. Been busy with other things lately but I will try my best to keep this blog running. To start, let me share you something that happened a little while ago.

It was noon and still haven't eaten lunch yet. I felt like my headace is on its verge so I went outside to buy some paracetamol. As I opened the door I saw someone lying on the street. An old man who looks so tired and weak. My paranoia crawls in, thoughts are racing through my brain, and yes I was scared! So I went back inside and asked Rixa to buy the medicine instead. I told her that there's an old man lying outside, and knowing that she's kinda brave, I asked her to ask the man what's up and what's wrong. Upon returning, she told me that she can't understand a single word the poor man uttered, but it's so obvious that he's weak and empty handed.

So we gave the poor man some food to revive his energy, thinking he'll be leaving after eating. But after 3 hours, MAN!!! He's still there, even much closer. He's like sitting near our very door, geezzz... I'm starting to feel really scared! What's up with him? He's not a familiar face among the neighborhood. Nevertheless, who ever he is, I hope he's fine and well and yeah, I hope we won't see him tomorrow morning anymore. I'm sooo praning na! Hmmm...praning or O.A lang?! Hmmfff! Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clip Art Of.com


anne said...

that is good for you to give him food girl, pero I understand too of you being scared sa panahon naun we cant trust anyone right?

thea said...

aww.. that's so nice of you :) nah you're not praning na.. shempre he was hungry and all that's why andun pa din siya, hoping that you could give him more.. lol. :) ganon talaga.. pero at least you've done a good deed :) be proud! ^^