My Bro's wedding

Friday, January 14, 2011

Time flew by so fast its been 4 months since this moment happened. Brother got married with the woman of his dreams and now they are as happy as can be.. lol! Am glad he found the right girl for him. Anyway, It was double the happiness because that's the time of my sissy homecoming after almost four years! T'was our first time seeing my nephew Josh and niece Alexa, they're so adorable! They brought us so many beautiful times, everyone in the family we're smiling and at bliss. Indeed that was my "I couldn't ask for more moment!" I still remember the word sissy told me.. Why have bread when you can have a salmon? Hmmmm... think I know what does it mean. :]

Just pdating

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just updating my blog here, i've been so busy this pass few months but it was a blast for me we just had a family vacation along with my bff's and it was so much fun that we could ever imagined. So long ya'll and we will see you soon!

have a wonderful day ahead!