It has to be soon

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I started using eyeglasses when I was 13 years old. Then I stopped for fear it would only worsen my vision. But recently, my eyes started to get so itchy, heavy, and blurry which makes me think I should go and visit the ophthalmologist soon. I haven't in awhile actually. Might be my astigmatism which sometimes causes migraine attacks too. If I could only try one of Zenni Optical's offers. My aunt in the States already tried their eyeglasses and she said it works exactly like the ones you get from eye clinics. The only difference is that with Zenni Optical, the prices are much cheaper, you won't break a bank. Range starts for as low as $6! Amazing right? They have everything from prescription glasses like single vision, bifocal, and progressive. They've got a wide variety of styles, types, and shapes. Oh well, I need an eyeglasses and it has to be soon! I want it red or yellow this time, gotta be in sync with fashion.

Anyway, if you need eyeglasses as well, just check out Zenni Optical, they'll help you every step of the way to have those friendly pieces of eye protection. Hey, in order to see if an eyeglass looks good on you, their frame fit feature can help. Just upload a picture and see which frames suits you best. Cool! Let me try it.


Yes said...

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Love Glasses said...

Thank you for your advice. But i prefer to buy from On this website, you are able to download your own pic, once you have downloaded your pic you're able to place any of the glasses on and see how they will look.