mArvelous piNk

Friday, June 6, 2008

A flaming bird! That is how the ancient Greeks described the phoenix, a mythical bird that ended its life in flames and later emerged from the ashes.
Centuries ago, the name of the phoenix was transferred to real bird, the flamingo.

A single flamingo is a marvel of design, from head to foot. Consider the beak, an oblong, lidded box, turned down at the end so that it is parallel to the bottom of the pond as the head sweeps back and forth searching for food in the shallow water. Like a whale, inside a flamingo's beak are bristles that traps small edible bits of algae, as the tongue pumps water in and out. The flamingo's neck and legs are, in proportion, the longest of any birds. It may stand over six feet tall. Its stiltlike legs are suited to life in shallow, salty lakes. It even rest while standing in the water, and in the likeliest of positions-standing on one leg!
The flamingo truely lives up to its name, better than a legend could. A flock of this beautiful souls is a sight so wonderful, like a fire storm of pink and black filling the sky. Truely a marvel of design!


Jerla Oh lalala said...

do you know why orange ang color? tungod na ilang ginakaon "shrimp" mao orange ila color mao ang ingon sa tour guid atong ni adto mi ug Zoo! :)