pRoject pUzzle...part 2

Saturday, June 21, 2008

After 5 days of brainstorming and nosebleeding, finally we are able to finish our project puzzle. Along with the gang, last sunday, we started to solve the jigsaw puzzle given to me by my aunt. 1000 pieces of tiny puzzles! Every after work and school, we meet at the receiving area of our KH. Gi career jud as in! hehe.. Such an amazing experience! I never thought it could be that fun.. mga HALIMAW, sa uulitin hah!

These are just some of my favorite shots taken during our 5 days puzzle sessions. The one on top is the masterpiece. Beautiful isn't it!!! Thank you so much ate analou, for being our official photographer,LOL! If you want to see more of our pictures, please visit my other blog.