Friday, December 12, 2008

Hayyy bien cansao! Pasensya ya, yo no pwede ya pensa.. hehe! As I'm doing my daily blog hopping, I've notice that most of the bloggers are bisaya. It makes me proud being one. Although I speak cebuano or bisaya jud, I'm from zamboanga. Chavacano is also my native tongue. It sounds like spanish, cause it's broken spanish actually. "Se talya tu na pueblo dol talya tu na Mexico.."hehe.. Anyways, I notice that there are only few zamboangenyo bloggers in the blogging world. Or maybe I just don't know them, perhaps I haven't blog hop into their blogs yet.. lol!

So cosa man ara? Hmmmm... nuay lang kere lang yo combersa chavacano. Mi pesqueso bien duele ya. Mi ojos ta bringka! Sorry for this nonsense entry. I just like to share my other beatiful language here.

Cansao means tired
pensa means think
pesqueso means neck
duele means pain
ojos means eyes
bringka means jump
(more chavacano 101 coming up!)


Hazelicious929 said...

I am from ZC too...