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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It has been months since I've been hearing the buzz. Each and every lip I read keeps on talking about it. The hippies and the geeks, the rich and the not so so, the emo's and the nerds, everyone seems so crazy about it. Like a drug that makes them go insane.

Since I'm like George, lolz! I did my research on the matter. Hopped into websites and blogs, read the news and articles, etc. etc. Then "the day" came, Twilight premiered in the theaters worldwide. People flocked into the cinemas, yelling and screaming and day dreaming!

We watched it last night, vine, kath, memet and me. Good movie, worth the penny. But to be honest, I was expecting more. More encounter with the villains, more fight and baseball scenes... (hey! Alice rockz! love her!!!) And more ambak-ambak sa punuan, hehe! Oh well, it's still too soon to expect much, it's the first book after all. Anyways, I did enjoy the movie. Except for the girls sitting behind us, they were screaming, and yelling, and giggling. I know everyone is entitled to their hour of enjoyment, but duh!!! kilig na unta, dili nalang kay saba...toinkz!

Okey back to the movie, the lines are pang "shoutout" (e.g- your scent is like a drug!) LOL! I'm so looking forward for the second sequel, wish I could have the books... *sigh*

The movie, like the book, deserves the fame and admiration it is getting right now. And I would also like to believe that there exist such love, love that is "unconditional and irrevocable"... NOSEBLEED! Overall, a must see! Very wholesome. (^_^)


4ever7 said...

Great blog! Care to link exchange? I have added your blog to my links. Please add http://4ever7.blogspot.com and http://exdeoscientia.blogsot.com.

Gina said...

I'm super crayzy about Twilight, have to read the book many times..just wasn't able to watch the movie :-(

Mayyang said...

wow! andami na talagang nagagandahan sa twilight...hehehe

nakakainlove daw talaga xa! but well, bago ako mapakomento ng mahaba...gusto ko munsa basahin at panoorin yun...cguro sa bakasyon ko na yan magagawa...hehehe

nice entry! stay safe :)

pamela15s said...


I haven't watched twilight yet but I've read the books. I've got e-books which I can share if anyone is interested. Nice blog you've got here. :)

I'll be adding you to my links, and I'd be very glad if you add mine too!