"Titanic 2"...???

Monday, January 12, 2009

I admit, more than 10 years ago I was one of the many millions who fell crazy in love with the movie Titanic. Got depressed with the ending, memorized the movie theme song "my heart will go on," LOL! and became a LEO and KATE fan..hehe! The movie was such a phenomenon, but unlike other box office movies, you won't be expecting a sequel to it definitely!

So imagine my awe when I got to see "Titanic: Two the Surface". The sequel, Leonardo's character Jack Dawson is found frozen among the wreckage of Titanic, where he is brought back to the surface and thawed. He then escapes and is on the run from authorities of New York City looking for Rose, only to find out she's dead.

Yeah great right? But does it sound true? Since I had goosebumps watching the trailer, I really surf it through my reliable sources..hahaha! I totally thought that this was real, until I read all the reviews and landed into this site of beautiful trailer mash-ups,.. All I can say is... "OMG! nicely done huh! infairness... murag tinood! LOL!

Wondering if the movie is real??? Just click it here... (^_^)


anne said...

gurl is this really? will it be shown?
I would probably watched this one I was one of those avid fans kapila ko kaya gitan aw ang titanic tung una

leizlmarie said...

huh! MURAG tinuod? murag lang diay? hehe.. naintriga p nman ko! kala nko tnuod jud! haha..

gandang araw! :]

~khAe~ said...

cool! mukhang aabangan to ah.. :)

Imelda said...

i watched the titanic 5 times already and i will watch it once again if i have time. wow is this true that there is another one coming you gotta be kidding.

Gee Anne said...

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eden said...

Love this movie too.. I watched it over and over again.. abangan gyud ni nako..hehehe

'anniniput' said...

murag tinood lng jud ni sya! mga fans nga frustrated magka sequel ang titaniv guru..hehe!

but if you go to the site, there are also other movies nga gihimuan nila ug trailer mash-ups sad.. like sleepless in seattle, haha! horror version lng lagi... :(^_^)

infairness, we did enjoy it! bisan ug joke ra diay..