sh0w me the beast!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

He's deep voice wakes me up every morning from my vivid dreams. He's footsteps disturbs my sanity and takes away the calm within me. I can do nothing about it for we lived in the same brown roof with the rest of the guys. We have nothing in common, except that we're both stubborn. We often argue on things, these and that. I sometimes feel this beast is born to laugh into my ears filling them with tones of mockery and sarcasm. Well, I guess that's how siblings!

The beast is my older brother. (^_^) We often argue, we always fight. He's born 7 years older than I am, so I guess that's what you call language barrier, hahaha! But my brother is no monster at all. I guess I'm the monster after all! LOL! Now that he's in Cebu, I mean his work demands him to stay there so he's staying there...duh! Meaning, it's party time for me! Just kidding, I'll miss my brother's cunning and annoyance definitely, hehe! But it also means great things, I can go to Cebu anytime I want... yea boy! So see you s00n beast...! See ya bro!