mah GF's!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The past few days had been mellow and tiring and boring for me, lol! I feel lazy so didn't do anything here and there. But yesterday was really fruitful and fun. We went preaching at the morning after which JM and I had lunch together with papang.

Anyways, after the lafang time JM and me went online, view pictures and made kimis...hehe! In short, we're soo occupied doing these crap, lolz!

gayz, privilege nyo toh... exfosure nani! bLeh!!! devil laugh Pictures, Images and Photos


amiable amy said...

hehehe, funny...pareho kayo ng sis ko, post din nya mga ganito na editing today...

Pastilan said...

Photoshopping pic like this is really fun :)