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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just feeling a little pooped out this week. I dunno, haven't really done so much but maybe it still has to do with the jet-lag. Times like this all I wanna do is laze around and watch a movie. Bought a new dvd by the way, will watch it later with the rest of the guys. Speaking of, I'm making a list of movies am looking forward to watch. From times by gone to the latest. It would be fun watching 'Speed' again, or Only You. How about Casino, which stars Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone. Am not really a fan of casinos and gambling, but as they say the movie is a must-see. I was in my teenage years when the movie was aired, what do you expect? Anyway, just feeling a little intrigue though, of the story and characters so might as well give it a try. The gambler's life, how is it like?

On a second note, how do you find online casino games? Have you tried playing? Are they real? I once played poker, not the real thing though, and I can say it's definitely not my cup of tea. Too confusing for me. LOL! But maybe it's fun, sure it is. I see some of my friends get hooked to it, playing in their cell phones and computer. With no money involved though. Just plain fun and having a good time.


hailey said...

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Hailey William

cookie said...

wanna try casino too..