Friday, June 20, 2008

gif animation

I'm just sooo happy! I was able to change my template finally. I love the new look. Like a cork board,hehe.. and the color brown..love it!!! When I saw this template made by Gisela, I just know it was the one i've been wanting for soo long..O.A! hehe! So I was desperate to have it. Thanks to vine, my not so beautiful cousin...(Jowk lng!) she was the one who help me read all those instructions and eklovers. Vindut salamat jud! haha... sa uulitin!
Now, with my new template..i'm just so inspired to make updates in this blog. I would love to see ya'll here! Let's talk about these beautiful souls who happens to make us smile, big time!


Vannie said...

uy, new look!:) looks nice!! enjoy the weekend.