Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Will good triumph over evil? Well, last night it did not! I can't help myself but to get affected with what I saw last night. I am in anguish every time I see his smile. His cunning and scheming is definitely working really really well, but no doubt it shows a crystal clear reality...that he is the weakest, most pathetic and insecure homo sapien in the planet. He doesn't deserve a space in my blog, but I can't help it!

And why there are these puppets who are so naive and shallow? Can't they look at the picture as a whole? Why are they shedding their tears and sorry for their decisions when they've chosen it anyway. Why do they have to act in such an immature way, when they could have talk and iron things out and not be blinded with peppered words. Does surviving means leaving your heart behind? Perhaps. But even without your heart, your principles will always lead you to the right path.

Bottom line is.... Reality bites! After all, Survivor is a reality show..hehe! I want to explode last night!!! If only I could just enter the T.V screen! Grrrrrrrrr! Marlon, mura raba ka'g gwapo!!!

Kiks, you're theMan!

Now it's time for me to move on...toinkz!


4ever7 said...

Even I don't like him, Marlon knows how to play the game very well.

My vote still goes to Nanay Zita. I hope she wins this season.

jaejae said...

can't relate... soreee! hahaha! i don't get to watch much pinoy channel unlike my wife.

i only sneak and peek if it is THE BUZZ! bwahahah!

★Jasmine said...

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