Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm just here for a quick update. Been a little guilty for not paying your blog hopping and ec dropping here. As much as I would like to but during the passed few days, I've been busy recovering my PR back in my other blog. And happily, it did went up to PR 3 again, lolz! Mr. Gogol snag it from me for the fourth time already, but I was able to have it back. Wanna know how? wiNk!

Anywayz, will make up to you s00n...hmmmm...tomorrow will be my blog hopping day! Not now cause we will attend a family friend's wedding a little later. (^_^) Okies, see yah arround peepz!

See you tomorrow! sMiLes!


posh_post said...

has google been ranking blogs lately? yeah i am busy working on my blogs to get them pr too. take care!