thE winner!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm sooo watching it right now! Tuesday nights are Prison Break's nights, lol! The last time I was watching this kinda show was with the T.V series "24"...haha! 48 years ago!

Prison Break is an action packed T.V series. The one airing right now is actually the fourth installment already. It's a story about two brothers, Lincoln and Michael. Lincoln was wrongly accused and charge for a crime he did not commit and Michael, a genius structural engineer who devotes his whole life to help his brother escape prison.

Anyways, I'm sure you know much about Michael Scofield and Prison Break. I'm just so hooked up right now with this fourth season and probably the last one. MEN! Wentworth Miller is such a WINNER! LOL! Father told me to buy the complete series of it, atleast from the pirates..hehe!
Will grab it soon! If that's the case, then I bet it will be a dvd marathon, lol!

Two tiil pa..for Prison Break!!! hehehe!