mi Muy-muy

Friday, November 7, 2008

Muy-muy is having cough and colds. I feel so sad looking at him having a hard time breathing. Oh! if only I can let him blow his nose. Huhuhu! It's he's fault, he is always playing and roaming around the neighborhood. He doesn't care if it's raining or if it's dusk already, all he wants is to flirt with her GF which pissed me! Lolz!

But because I love him dearly, as a mama... I couldn't just sit and look at him suffering from terrible colds. Good thing my papang went with me to the Vet. last wednesday. Hey! What were you thinking? Muy is a cat, my meow-meow! Hmmmm.... Anywayz, Dr. Rey, the Vet. gave him 3 shots of injection. I mean, 1 shot everyday for 3 days..needless to say, haha!
Good thing now muy-muy is feeling better, much much better! Hayyyy...