10 fav0Rite m0vie chAractErs

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I enjoy watching movies and there are movie characters that I truly love and admire. For me, these characters are beautiful, hehe.. I just hope I can remember them all, if not atleast ten, coz I only need 10 lang man jud,LOL!

Here it goes:

1. Jack- Who doesn't know him??? Almost every girl fell inlove with him and cried when he died in Titanic. Haayyy, ana najud na.
2. Rose- If there is Jack, there is Rose..required! Partner sila..LOL!
3. Elle Woods- I love her, period!
4. Kat Stratford- the ill-tempered girl in the movie 1o things I hate about you. I just love her too!
5. Sam- of I am Sam.
6. Alice- of Resident Evil. Super astig grabeeee!
7. John Coffey- the "Gentle Giant" in The Green Mile. Hayyy makahilak man jud ni salidaha uy,huhuhu!
8. Optimus Prime- he's my BF...bwahahahaha!
9. Sadako- of the Ring...hihihi!..wla lang, wa nako'y mahuna-hunaan!
10. Superman- yes nalang arun mahuman nako..kapoy na,LOL!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!
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Lara said...

Hi, already linked you to all my blogs. Pls do the same. Thanks!