10 Least fAvorite cElebrities

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Was yesterday's topic. This will be a late post, pero better late than never, LOL! I admit, there are these celebrities, hollywood or locally that really annoy me. Not for anything else, it's just that I can't stand them.

Here's my list. In no random order..enj0y! haha!


1.) Claire Danes- sorry to her fans, that's all!
2.) Jennifer Lopez- I used to liked her, when she was still simple..LOL!
3.) Paris Hilton- I don't need to explain!!! LOL!
4.) Britney Spears- what's happening to her now...*sigh*


5.) Manny Pacquio- Sorry sa mga fans... haayyyy! feeling, LOL!
6.) Piolo Pascual- he's annoying and feeling! pa slang-slang pa, LOL!
7.) Willie R.- he's too noisy, hehe!
8.) Bea Alonzo- mura raba syag gwapa! pa sweet pajud!!!
9.) Heart Evangelista- she annoys me, dunno why..hehe!
10.) Marian Rivera- haaaayyy!!.. (peace!)

This is just my personal choice..sorry sa mga fans! hehe..

here for your tuesday mEmEs


arocreo@gmail.com (eniala) said...

waaaah...i agree with you, dun sa mga naka-list na Local celebrity mo. :D pero ang no.1 ko eh si Marian.. hahahaha... sana ibahin naman nya steps nya pagnagsasayaw noh?

salamat nga pala sa paghop sa blog ko..
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