I signed up f0r PPP!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I've always love to write! I do it for school projects, for therapy and simply a hobby. Though I like to write but all my writings I just kept to myself, I mean mostly. But eversince then, I've hoped for a day to come that I can finally be able to nurture this passion of mine. Then one day, my sister introduced blogging to me. She told me all the good things it does to her. And she was right! I never thought it could be this much fun and amazing!
Through blogging, I've somehow develop my writing skills, enter different worlds, made new good friends and offcourse earn. It is indeed a blessing being able to earn in the convenience of your own home. With no wierd boss and no unneccessary pressures that are really annoying,LOL!

One good way of making money with blogging is through PayPerPost. Recommended by bloggers all over the world. I'm just so happy that right now I'm a certified member of the PPP family. Through PPP's blog ads, I will have the oppurtunity of sharing the things I enjoy, plus the bonus of earning. I've heard many good words about PPP and the blessings it brings to many lives. You can also join PPP, this is an oppurtunity you must not miss! Anyways, I'm so looking forward to a great journey ahead. Today I got approved for PayPerPost!