a cAt & a dOg

Saturday, July 12, 2008

These shots were taken at my friends house a few months ago. The dog's name is Puti and the kitten..oh I forgot,LOL! It's a fact that cats and dogs hate each other so much, but this time it is absolutely wrong! I miss my dog morgan, he used to play with muymuy my miming..huhuhu!
Isn't it amazing seeing this picture! It is indeed possible for two very opposite souls to be friends.
We sometimes prejudge people, thinking that we are from very opposite worlds. But what we must always remember is that no matter what... every life in this planet is precious and should be treated with respect. Who knows, we might cherish the soul at first we just think of as nothing special. And honestly, this makes me feel a little guilty.
Cats and Dogs, they can be best of friends!


Miah Laborte said...

hahaha cute naman... we used to have a pet dog named Ramboo and a pt cat named Minggay... they were like that too... sweet hhehe... tapad pa matulog, sabat mukaon... hahaha.. lingaw... missed them na... may their soul rest in peace.. hehehe...

Enday said...

hang lupet!

haha.. loko yung mingming na yun ah?
tsk tsk.. nakedede..



Princess Cinderella said...

wow nice...may pusa ako name lebron...im planning to get a dog but my mom doesnt approved it..hahayyy kasi daw baka mag away silang dalawa..actually 4 yung pusa namin si lebron yung favorite ko then yung isa si tmac sa bro ko...hahaha yung dalawa wala lang..eheheh...pero mahal din namin yun..muah sis

Meia said...

wow, saya naman nyan. may pusa rin kami at aso kaso mag kaaway talaga. :)