Monday, July 21, 2008

Watta day yesterday!!! I had a WT interpretation for sign language kahapon, and it always drives me crazy! Everytime I'm doing interpretations, whatever it, reading, demo... hayy maka praning!!! Signing infront is really not my thing, promise! hahaha!.. But I'm really happy that after 120 years of resting my hands.. naka interprete napod ko kahapon. I'm so thankful for this privelege to learn sign language and helping the deaf to learn about Jah. I know I don't do much, hehe.. but I'll keep on signing!

haha..unta dli ni mabasa ni ate AF, LOLOL!

A signers life is truly an adventure. Kapoy, nosebleed, maka bunkrupt.. pro enjoy, fulfilled ug makapalipay! Hahaha! mag emo ba??!!! required! Haaaayyy.. diri nalang sa kutob..part 2 nalang, hehe!..