mAnang maNghihiLot

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I had a restful sleep last night. The cold air and my thick blanket is just so perfect. But waking up this morning I felt so tired, I over-slept perhaps. I've been complaining about this pain in my back and neck for days, think I'm having sores. I guess mamita got irritated with me already so she had the manghihilot came by our house yesterday. I had a wonderful massage. From my scalp down to my lapa-lapa,LOL! My sores are relieved, though their still aching. I can't imagine my life without hilot or massage. I just can't live without it! Haahaaayyy, panuhuton man jud ko pirmi..ahihihi!

To all the manghihilot/therapist's who's always been there for me...THANK YOU!!! You are truely beautiful and with your hands, you never fail to make me feel better!


Analyn said...

Lucky you, naa kay manang manghihilot diha. Akong tighilot akong bana pero kulang kaayo dili kamao! Back when naa pa ko diha sa pinas 3x a week pahilot- barato pa. Dinhi hastang kamahal :( Inig uli sa pinas, pahilot jud ko breakfast, lunch or dinner lol.

Nasaag ko gikan sa bisdakplanet.

Take care,

Anah of What's Da Buzz